Baldoyle Forum Clg (BFC) works to provide space for the community in the Baldoyle community hall in a Financially Sustainable way and to support the development of the community where possible.

BFC manages Baldoyle Community Hall under license from Fingal County Council and rents out space for offices and Community rooms on an hourly basis.

Principles Guiding the Board of Charity Directors of Baldoyle Forum Clg

The Board of Baldoyle Forum Clg is committed to the principles of the Charities Governance Code. As such, each member of the Board of Baldoyle Forum Clg is understood to commit to:

⦁ Advancing the Charitable Purpose of Baldoyle Forum Clg
⦁ Behaving with integrity
⦁ Leading people within Baldoyle Forum Clg
⦁ Exercising control over Baldoyle Forum Clg
⦁ Working effectively.
⦁ Being accountable and transparent.

Baldoyle Forum Clg is currently compliant with the Charities Governance Code.

The main objects of Baldoyle Forum Clg are:
To achieve our purpose the company has the following 5 aims –
⦁ To maximise the use of the community Hall.
⦁ To be financially stable.
⦁ To provide a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for people who work and visit the Community Hall.
⦁ To promote the services and activities available in the Community Hall.
⦁ To support and network with community groups in the area.

Baldoyle Forum Clg Constitution
The Board of Directors have agreed the values of Baldoyle Forum Clg and publicise them widely (for example, on our website, annual report, employee handbook, reception area). The values are:
⦁ Kindness
⦁ Transparency
⦁ Helpfulness
⦁ Inclusivity
⦁ Proberty