History and Achievements

Baldoyle Forum Clg was incorporated 1996 as a limited company with no share capital and charitable status. The organisation primarily operated out of the Parish/Community Hall adjacent to the Parish Church on the estuary front. 

The hall was initially in the ownership of the Parish and was built using Totes from the Racecourse and voluntary local labour in 1930’s. It was transferred to the local authority Fingal County Council with Baldoyle Forum Clg operating the facility on the council’s behalf.
The centre is currently open 7 days a week with an average of 13 hours open per day.

Funding is 10% from Fingal County Council (FCC) and 90% self-funded. The Education Training Board funds the Art and Gardening tutors and the FCC Events part-funds some of the events. The Baldoyle Health Day is part-funded by the FCC Community department with a contribution from the Baldoyle Family Resource Service. 

The annual average cost of running the Centre is €106,000. Over the duration of the previous development plan the company achieved a €5-20,000 surplus each year.

Community Use of the centre:
Presently there are 28 groups/organisations using the facility and can be broken down into three categories:
Community: These are organisations that are not for profit and provide a range of
services to people within the Baldoyle area. They would normally rent rooms
on a weekly basis and include organisations such as The Forget me nots.  The rooms are also available to local residents who wish to hold their own personal events such as birthday parties.

Commercial: Permanent space is provided to five commercial businesses. Although these businesses are providing services that are deemed worthy and needed they are primarily commercial business run by sole traders or companies for profit. Income from these offices subsidises the running costs of the centre which helps to keep charges to community and voluntary groups as low as possible.

Classes: This category is made up of quite a considerable number of individuals who
hire out the hall to provide classes and instruction in a variety of activities. These individuals promote and manage their individual classes and charge a fee to each participant. Classes include Ballet, Karate, Zumba and Irish dancing. A full list is in the appendices.

Voluntary: Are primarily groups that provide a social outlet for individuals living the in
the Baldoyle area and include Active retirement Group, Residents Associations and Bingo night.

Community Development: This category reflects a need identified by staff and management and a number of classes are designed to fill this gap and include Art Classes, Computer Training and Gardening. Annual events such as the Art Exhibition and Tree Lighting Ceremony are also organised as part of the Community Development remit of the company. In 2018 BFC was the lead organisation to organise Baldoyle’s entry to the All Ireland Pride of Place competition gaining second place in the Islands and Coastal villages section.

Services to Unemployed
BFC employs 1 full-time manager and provides placements for CE, TUS, Transition year students and others seeking work experience. Currently there are 7 TUS staff and 1 CE staff member working at the centre. In 2018 there was an additional 4 Transition Year Students and 1 Business Diploma Student who were given work experience at the centre.


Baldoyle Bay is part of the UNESCO protected Dublin Bay Biosphere.  An internationally important population of Brent geese inhabit the bay. The wide range of habitats support a variety of other birds such as Great Crested Grebe, Shelduck, Pintail & Mallard.  The habitats include Salicornia mud, Mediterranean salt meadows, Atlantic Salt Meadows, Tidal Mudflats, supporting mudshrimps tubeworms and much, much more.

On 31 October 1973, one of the most spectacular and audacious escapes from an Irish prison took place when three of the Provisional IRA’s key personnel were airlifted to freedom in a seconded helicopter from Mountjoy Prison. The helicopter touched down at Baldoyle racecourse where the IRA members escaped in waiting cars.

Plaque located on the side of the Baldoyle Community Hall commemorating the families from Baldoyle who were involved with the Irish Citizen Army.  This plaque was unveiled in May 2016 as part of the 1916 commemorations.

Check Resurrecting Monuments Facebook page here for more information on some of the archaeological findings from the area.